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Federal Student Loan Consolidation Application Process

How much can I borrow?               ,                , 
There are no minimum or maximum loan amounts federal student loan consolidation, as well as no credit check or cosigner requirements. 

How do I apply for Private Student Loan Consolidation? 
The student loan consolidation application process must be completed online you can Apply Here  or contact us by calling our office

What happens after I complete the online application for student loan application?
An student debt affiliate representative will contact you to review your student loan consolidation application.  After determining your goals for a consolidation of student loans, your application will be submitted to our non-profit underwriting servicing agency for pre-approval.  Once we receive the pre-approval with repayment options determined based on the information you provided from underwriting, one of our representative will contact you to review and select a new repayment option.   

What happens after I determine a new student loan consolidation repayment plan?
Once a new student loan consolidation repayment plan is agreed, a consolidation payment amount and payment date will also be determined based on the student consolidation loan amount.  we will then forward the consolidation agreement detailing the newly agreed upon student loan consolidation repayment plan, term, interest rate and payment, determined based on the information you provided for your review and signatures. 

What happens after I sign the student loan consolidation agreement?
Once the signed student loan consolidation agreement is received by us, it will then forwarded to our non-profit underwriting servicing agency to begin the orientation process.  You will receive an orientation call from underwriting to review the agreement, information provided, and answer any additional questions that may be required to complete the student loan consolidation.  Underwriting will also request additional documentation such as:

  • Proof of Income: 2 months pay stubs and last year’s tax return
  • Current Loan Statements or Online Printouts (Loan Servicer & Account Information)

What happens after the student loan consolidation orientation call?
Once underwriting receives all requested information and documentation, the student consolidation loan is submitted for completion.  

How do I check the status of my application?
You can contact Student Debt Affiliate by calling our office or e-mailing

How long does the student loan consolidation process take?
The student consolidation loan process typically takes about 60-90 days to complete.  Your promptness in providing any requested information or documentation will ensure a timely process. Once the student loan consolidation is submitted for completion, you will receive a summary letter indicating each of the existing student loans that are being consolidated as well as the repayment options about 35-45 days thereafter.  You will need to forward this summary letter to underwriting right away in order to complete the funding of your student loan consolidation.  

When is my first payment due after the student consolidation loan is completed?
Typically, your first payment is due about 45-60 days after your existing student loans are paid off.  You will receive a statement indicating the actual date your first payment is due well before the due date.