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Today our country has reached close to $1 Trillion in student loan debt. Many hard working Americans are currently struggling with their monthly student loan payments or have no ability to repay at all. Others graduate with a high degree and find themselves just in a high interest rate for tens of thousands of dollars in student loan debt and no job.

Fortunately there are solutions for most of these individuals. With many new plans and repayment options available to consumers many can opt in to programs where their monthly payments can be reduced to as low as $0 a month. That’s correct, someone with as much as $50k in debt that normally paid around $500-$600 can have a payment as low as $0 a month if they qualify. The unfortunate part is most consumers do not know of these programs and don’t know how to accomplish a successful consolidation. Our Student Loan Consolidation Affiliate program will teach you all the ins-and-outs of the consolidation industry and show you how to reach hundreds of people in need of our service.

What we offer our Student Loan Affiliates:
Student Debt Affiliate offers numerous of earning methods for your Student Loan Consolidation business.

  1. Retail Student Loan Consolidation Affiliate:

    - Complete the application with the client, gather a quote and the necessary supporting documents and receive up to 75% of the fee collected. Highest student loan affiliate pay out offered based on our research and experience.
  2. Student Loan Affiliate Site Linking:

  3. - Have consumers complete an application on-line and receive up to $325 per enrolled applicant.
  4. Student Loan Consolidation Lead Referral

  5. - Refer a client to one of our retail affiliates and earn up to $200 per enrolled applicant.
  6. Back end Student Loan Consolidation Processing

  7. - Have your clients serviced and their files processed and completed for a fee as low as $99.75 per file.

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